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Agawam After School Enrichment Program
Spring Session


Robinson Park (PDF)
James Clark (PDF)
Benjamin Phelps (PDF)
Roberta Doering (PDF)
Clifford Granger (PDF)

Important Information:

Register Early! Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and space is limited.

The registration deadline is March 22nd. A confirmation email will be sent upon acceptance into a program with more information.


Program Dates and Times:

The program will meet for 5 weeks on the following dates at each respective school:

Robinson Park School: 4/3; 4/10; 4/24; 5/1; 5/8
James Clark School: 1/31; 4/4; 4/11; 4/25; 5/2; 5/9
Benjamin Phelps School: 4/5; 4/12; 4/26; 5/3; 5/10
Roberta Doering School: 4/6; 4/13; 4/27; 5/4; 5/11
Clifford Granger School: 4/7; 4/28; 5/5; 5/19; 5/26

Classes will meet immediately after school in the gymnasium or cafeteria. The class instructor will take students to their classroom.

Dismissal from InspireWorks will be at 4:30PM at Robinson, Clark & Phelps. Dismissal from Doering & Granger is at 3:50PM.

It is important that you are prompt picking up your child as our instructors may have another school to teach at. A fee of $10/15 minutes/child may be assessed for late pickup.

Class Descriptions:

Due to the approval of partial funding by Mr. Sapelli the Program Fee has been discounted for all Agawam students. All Material costs are included in the Program Fee.

ASAC students must enter their Promo Code to receive the ASAC rate. Students must be currently enrolled in ASAC to receive the discount. Pease note that your enrollment will be verified.

Science Secrets 2:: Calling all scientists! Have you ever wanted to create swirling vortex rings of smoke, dissect an owl pellet, or learn how to make a light bulb out of a pickle? All secrets will be revealed in this action packed class! Science Secrets 1 not required.

Program Fee: $60 (includes materials)

Watercolor Wizards:: A fun medium with surprising results. In each class you will experiment with watercolor through different techniques of the medium; such as wet into wet, dry brush and glazes. You will also experiment with different types of canvases.

Program Fee: $60 (includes materials)

Extreme Team Adventure: Do you have what it takes to untangle a giant human knot? Think you can find a way across the treacherous “Acid River”? Or walk blindfolded through a “Minefield”? Learn teamwork and creative problem-solving skills as you participate in a range of challenge activities and fun group games.

Program Fee: $45 (includes materials)

Dodgeball All-Stars: Dodge, duck, dip and dive your way to fun! In this class you will develop throwing, catching, hand-eye coordination, speed, agility and quickness through a combination of games and skill sessions. This class will only use kid friendly foam balls.

Program Fee: $45 (includes materials)


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